Flat Iron Cooperative

A Worker and Consumer owned coffeehouse in downtown Bellows Falls, VT


Tuesday-Friday 9-3

Saturday and Sunday 9-5

51 Square, Bellows Falls, VT 05101




From France to Japan, Italy to Australia, come join our flavorful journey. All available with oat or almond milk at no extra charge


Freshly-brewed Light and Medium Roast


A perfect harmony of Acidity, Sweetness, and Bitterness.


Espresso shots topped with hot water create a light layer of crema.

Flat Iron White

This popular Australian drink is a delicious balance of espresso and milk.


Classic Italian delight – a frothy drink made with Espresso and milk.


Classic Italian treat made with Espresso and steamed milk.

Signature Lattes

Pumpkin Spice Latte

House made pumpkin spice syrup with pumpkin puree and the prefect blend of fall spices combined with our espresso and steamed milk

Spiced Pear Latte

A simple pear syrup with allspice combined with our espresso and steamed milk for subtle nod to the fail season

Rosemary Vanilla Latte

Our signature latte with our house made rosemary vanilla syrup

Cardamom Black Pepper

A savory latte with subtle hints of warm spices

Maple Rose Latte

Celebrate sugaring season with local maple syrup, rose water, and a dash of cinnamon with our espresso and steamed milk


Brewed to perfection. Hot or Iced. Chai, Earl Grey, and many more…

Tea Latte

Choose one of our teas and add steamed milk for a delicious drink 

London Fog

Earl Grey tea with house made vanilla syrup and steamed milk

Chai Latte

Chai tea with steamed milk, add maple, vanilla or our cardamom black pepper syrup for an extra special treat

Chocolate Orange Chai Latte

Chai tea with steamed milk, Jouvay Chocolate and house made orange syrup

Hot Chocolate

Jouvay dark chocolate steamed into milk of your choice. .


Add chocolate to a Latte and it’s a Mocha! 


Frothed milk poured over frozen Coffee ice cubes. A drink created in Japan that makes a perfect beverage to sip on a hot day.

Oatmeal Raisin Steamer

A non caffeinated mug of steamed milk with raisin syrup and cinnamon that tastes like an oatmeal raisin cookie

Iced Coffee

A special brew of coffee made special for you to enjoy.

Iced Tea

Our classic India Black Assam tea cold brewed for a refreshing drink

Iced Hibiscus Mint Tea

A delicious blend of our hibiscus and peppermint tea. The perfect non caffeinated drink for a hot summer day


Baked goods and ready-to-go food including Vegan and Gluten-Free options.


A variety of classic baked goods, with vegan and gluten free options  available daily as well


Daily specials of soups from Smokin’ Bowls or our house made options.


Frittata (GF) from Smokin Bowls,

Wraps and more

Each day brings different offerings including savory croissants and Vegan options.

We’re Vegan-friendly and have Gluten-Free options


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